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capelli lisci,capelli lunghi,acconciatura raccolta,smooth hair, long hair, thoughtful hairstyle


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Heather Nelson @ Nelson Hairdressing

capelli corti, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, ciuffo, mches rosa, short hair, straight hair, layering cut, sweep to the side, pink mches

Laetitia Guenaou

capelli lunghi, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, mches bionde, long hair, straight hair, layering cut, blond mches


capelli lunghi, capelli ondulati, taglio scalato, castano ramato con riflessi rossi, long hair, coppery brown hair


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Ross Charles

capelli corti, capelli lisci, ciuffo, mches bionde, long hair, tied back, sweep to the side, blond mches

Leonardo Rizzo @ Sanrizz

capelli corti, capelli lisci, ciuffo, mches bionde, long hair, tied back, sweep to the side, blond mches

Nick Malenko by Royston Blythe

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Jose A. Chamborro & Santi Campos

capello corto, ciuffo laterale, capello ondulato, riga laterale, short hair, side tuft, wavy hair, side line

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